New Tariffs are here Published: 29/06/2022 | by Star Trader

New Tariffs are here

Our Pay As You Go sims are getting a makeover and good news, these are here to stay. From the 30th June your customers will permanently receive more data and additional international minutes in even more countries.


Big Bundles

Our upgraded the £15 Big Bundle tariff will include an extra 5GB of data bringing the it to 20GB.


International Minutes

Both the £15 and £20 Big Bundles will receive 50 international minutes and the £30 Bing Bundle will receive a massive 250 international minutes. What’s even better is these are now available to use across 42 countries.


So how do those changes compare:


Previous allowance

New allowance

£10 – 7GB

£10 – 7GB

£15 – 15GB

£15 – 20GB + 50 international minutes to 42 countries

£20 – 30GB

£20 – 30GB + 50 international minutes to 42 countries

£30 – 100GB + 500 international mins to 29 countries

£30 – 100GB + 250 international minutes to 42 countries



Remember, if you have any questions, our customer support team is on hand to help.


Don’t miss out. Order your sims here.

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