Take Part In Our 2022 Competition Published: 13/12/2021 | by Star Trader

Take Part In Our 2022 Competition

Kickstart your 2022 and take part in our new competition


Christmas may have come and gone, but we’re still in the gift-giving mood here at Star Trader. We believe hard work deserves to be rewarded, which is why we’re going to be launching a new competition, with some fantastic prizes up for grabs for the winners. Ready to reach for the stars? Find all the details below.


What is the competition?

Your success in the competition will depend on how many quality activations you receive between 6th January 2022 and 4th March 2022. For each trader tier, we’ve set a target activation rate that you’ll need to hit during this time to be in with a chance of winning.

  • New traders* – 10%
  • Bronze – 15%
  • Silver – 18%
  • Gold – 25%
  • Platinum – 33%

*New traders are categorised as traders who have joined Star Trader after the competition starts on 6th January 2022.


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Which sims are included?

All activations must be on any of our data Big Bundle sims, not including Classic sims. Our limited edition sims with more data are still available until 2nd February and included as part of this competition, so now’s the perfect time to take advantage of them and earn more activations.


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To give you, our traders, a better chance of winning, we’ll be accepting activations on sims that were ordered in December 2021. However, the activations must have taken place between 6th January 2022 and 4tn March 2022 to count towards your tally for the competition. 


How many winners will there be?

There will be two winners per tier. If you hit or exceed the target activation rate for your tier, then you’ll be automatically entered into our prize draw. From this list, we’ll be selecting two winners to receive an unmissable prize. It’s not just about the prizes, though. 


As well as being entered into our prize draw, we’ll increase your sim allowance by 20% for 3 months. This is something we’ll do for every trader who hits or exceeds the target activation, so it’s really worth focusing on getting as many quality activations as you can to get your trading year off to a good start. 


If you qualify for a sim increase or have won our prize draw, we’ll let you know by email, so keep an eye on your inbox. 


What are the prizes?

For the winners, we have a range of prizes up for grabs. If you win, the prize you receive will depend on which trader tier you’re in. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store for the winners of this unmissable competition:

  • New traders* – £50 Amazon gift voucher
  • Bronze – Huawei Watch GT
  • Silver – Beats Studio Earbuds
  • Gold – Nintendo Switch
  • Platinum – iPhone 12 5G

*New traders are categorised as traders who have joined Star Trader after the competition starts on 6th January 2022.


Any tips?

Your trader dashboard will help you to discover which sim types are most popular with your customer base. Remember, activations for this competition must be on data Big Bundle sims, so make sure you stock up to give yourself more chance of winning. Take some time to think about your customer base and make sure you take advantage of our limited edition sims, which are available until 2nd February. We’ve also got plenty of information online to help you. Check out the Star Trader blog for access to all our top selling tips and tricks. 



Now, it’s time to get trading. Good luck!


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