It’s back: 3x data for up to 3 months on selected Big Bundles Published: 18/03/2021 | by Star Trader

It’s back: 3x data for up to 3 months on selected Big Bundles

Give your customers more bang for their buck with our latest offer. If they activate a £10 or £15 Big Bundle sim before the offer ends on 30 June 2021, we’ll throw in triple the data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts as standard. It’s going to be big, so we’ve prepared all the information you need to get ready for the promo. Let’s get started.

What does the increased data look like?

  • £10 Big Bundle

6GB 18GB 

Plus, unlimited minutes and texts, as standard

  • £15 Big Bundle

15GB 45GB 

Plus, unlimited minutes and texts, as standard

Who will qualify for the offer?

Anyone topping up a £10 or £15 Big Bundle sim. Use the offer to thank your existing customers for their loyalty, and welcome your new ones to the wonderful world of O2. Either way, your activation rate will soar, which means more commission for you. 

How can customers get 3x data?

Easy. Your customers will need to top up either a £10 or £15 Big Bundle sim before 30 June 2021. For existing customers, we’ll send the extra data to them automatically within 48 hours after activation. Existing customers will need to opt-in to receive the offer by texting “3XDATA” to 2424. 

What do they need to do to keep the 3x data for 3 months?

After the first top up, they'll need to continue to top up the same sim for the remaining 2 consecutive months. If they miss a month, the offer will end and their normal data amount will return. 

What about Data Rollover?

Unfortunately, Data Rollover doesn’t apply to any gifted data for the duration of the promo. Your customers can still roll over their standard data, though. For example, up to 15GB for £15 Big Bundles. 

Are you ready?

The offer is set to start on 15 April 2021, so you’ll need to be ready to benefit as much as possible before it ends in June. Here are some of our top tips.

Make sure you understand all the details before the promo starts. If you need our help with anything, send your questions to

Order your £10 and £15 Big Bundle sims to make sure your stock is full and ready to go. There have been some delays with Royal Mail recently, so the sooner you order, the more chance you’ll have of receiving your sims in time for the promo.

Remember, International Big Bundles, £5 and £30 Big Bundles are excluded from this offer. Use your monthly sim allowance wisely.

Make sure your customers have everything they need, so you don’t miss out on commission. For new customers, it may be worth sending instructions on how to top up an O2 sim

It’s going to be a busy few months. Good luck!



Get 3x data for up to 3 consecutive months on the £10 and £15 Big Bundles, then reverts to standard data allowance. Offer will be applied automatically for first-time customers. Existing customers with an eligible Big Bundle must text “3XDATA” to 2424 from their O2 Pay As You Go phone to activate the offer by 30th June. Your credit balance must be at least the Big Bundle tariff value on your monthly renewal date for 3 consecutive months to renew bundle and benefit from the offer for 3 months. If you switch to a non-eligible Bundle during the 3 months, you will no longer be part of the promotion and will not get the promotional data allowances once your current Bundle has expired. Ends 30th June 2021.

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