How to activate an O2 sim Published: 11/12/2020 | by Star Trader

How to activate an O2 sim

It takes seconds to complete, but can make all the difference when it comes to how much commission you earn. Making sure your customers know how to activate an O2 sim is your responsibility as a Star Trader. Leave them in the dark and you could miss out on those vital activations. Needs some tips? We’ve got you covered.


How to activate an O2 sim: the checklist


To activate their sim, your customers will need to top it up with £10 or more. There are different ways to activate an O2 sim – whatever works for your customers.

For the top up methods listed below, your customers will need their debit or credit card to hand. The card they intend to use must be from a UK bank or registered to a UK address. Once that’s sorted, they’ll be good to go. 

  • By phone

To top up their sim with £10 or more by phone, your customers will need to call 4444 from their mobile phone for free. We’ll handle the rest by letting them know what else they need to do. Job done!

  • Online

Another quick and easy way for your customers to activate an O2 sim. First, your customers will need their mobile number. Then, they’ll need to fill in our online form to activate their sim. 


Letting your customers know how to activate an O2 sim


Now that you know what your customers need to do to top up their sim, it’s time to tell them. If you’re someone who speaks to their customers in-person, then you can simply explain the process to them. 

If you use online marketplaces to sell sims, or you want to get a bit more creative, then having a leaflet or poster would be a great option. Include your printout with your orders, so your customers have the step-by-step instructions they need when they get home.


Make sure they know about O2 auto top-up 


Auto top-up stops your customers from forgetting to top up their O2 sim, so they never run out of credit again. It works like a Direct Debit by taking money from your customers’ credit or debit card at a set time.

To set up the auto top-up, your customers will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign in to My O2 and set up auto top-up
  2. Choose the amount and frequency (when the top up should take place)
  3. Once set up, payment will be taken automatically, but your customers can cancel or change this whenever they like


The benefits of Pay As You Go


Now that we’ve covered how to activate an O2 sim, let’s talk about the perks, shall we? There are lots and you should definitely be making sure your customers know about them. 

  • No contract: Your customers can say goodbye to big monthly payments and lengthy contracts. With Pay As You Go, they’ll just have simple, small monthly payments. 
  • O2 Rewards: A little thank you from us every three months. Customers can get up to 10% of their top ups back every few months, so they can talk, text, shop and do more. 
  • Priority: Perks, experiences and Priority Tickets only on O2. Available to your customers, just for being on O2. Winner!
  • £5 free credit: Tell your customers to register for My O2 on their Pay As You Go device and we’ll give them a fiver. 
  • Get 3x data: For new and existing customers who top up their sim before 30 December 2020. Only available on selected Big Bundles. Remember, they’ll need to opt in to receive the additional data by texting “3XDATA” to 2424.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about activating an O2 Pay As You Go sim. Now, you’re ready to pass on your wisdom. Next time you hand a sim out to someone, make sure you explain how they can top it up – or include printed instructions on how to do so. Not only will it give a good first impression, it could increase your chances of earning commission. 

Not started trading yet? Now that you have this knowledge, it’s the perfect time to sign up and get going

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