Give your customers 3x data for up to 3 months on selected Big Bundles Published: 05/10/2020 | by Star Trader

Give your customers 3x data for up to 3 months on selected Big Bundles

We've got good news. It's back until 30 June 2021. So, if you missed out last time, order your sims today and make sure you give your customers 3x data for up to 3 months on £10 and £15 O2 Big Bundles


We could all use some good news, right? That’s why we’re back with another offer that’s sure to put a smile on your customers’ faces. This time, we’re giving you the chance to give your customers 3x data for up to 3 months on £10 and £15 Big Bundles. The offer is only going to be available from 8 October 2020 to 30 December 2020, so they’ll need to be quick. Here’s everything you need to know.

Who can benefit from this offer?

New and existing customers. This gives you the chance to really improve your activation rate and boost the amount of commission you earn on these Big Bundle sims. Reward your loyal customers, or give new ones an incentive to join O2. 

How much data will your customers get with the new offer?

£10 Big Bundle

  • 6GB 18GB
  • Plus, unlimited minutes and texts as standard

£15 Big Bundle

  • 15GB 45GB
  • Plus, unlimited minutes and texts as standard

What do your customers need to do to get the new offer?

New customers will receive the increased amount of data automatically within 48 hours when they top up their £10 or £15 Big Bundle during the promotional period. 

Existing customers will need to opt in to get the offer. To do this, all they need to do is text “3XDATA” to 2424. Remember, this offer is only available on £10 and £15 Big Bundles, so make sure your existing customers have these sims or they won’t be able to get the offer.

How do your customers get 3x data for 3 months?

Easy. If your customers want to receive 3x data for the whole 3 months, all they need to do is make sure they continue to top up their sim each month. The increased data amount will update automatically.

Does Data Rollover still apply?

Yes, but only to core data; for example, up to 6GB for the £10 Big Bundle and £15GB for the £15 Big Bundle. Promotional data cannot be carried over to the next month, so just let your customers know.

You’re ready to start trading.


Order your sims today to make sure you have plenty of stock.



£10 Big Bundle and £15 Big Bundle ends 30th December 2020

Get 3x data for up to 3 months on our selected Big Bundles, then reverts to standard data allowance. Offer will be applied automatically for first-time customers. Existing customers with an eligible Big Bundle must text “3XDATA” to 2424 from their O2 Pay As You Go phone to activate the offer. Your credit balance must be at least the Big Bundle tariff value on your monthly renewal date for 3 consecutive months to renew the bundle and benefit from the offer for 3 months. If you switch to a non eligible Bundle during the 3 months, you will no longer be part of the promotion and will not get the promotional data allowances once your current Bundle has expired.

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