We’re topping up our Pay As You Go sims Published: 26/06/2020 | by Star Trader

We’re topping up our Pay As You Go sims

From 9 July, our Pay As You Go tariffs will boast more data than ever before. Changes to our Big Bundles and International Sims mean your customers will enjoy more data at no extra cost. We’ll also say goodbye to a couple of old tariffs, making way for our most streamlined and competitive range yet.

Here’s what’s changing:

Big Bundles are getting bigger

£10 and £15 Big Bundle customers will get at least double the data, whilst the £30 Big Bundle allowance will increase to 100GB - that’s five times more data! All of that on top of the unlimited minutes and texts, of course.

Here’s how the change compares:

Sim tariff changes table


The end of the £20 Big Bundle 

As part of the change, we’ll no longer offer the £20 Big Bundle tariff. Fear not though, existing customers can remain on the tariff and receive better value on our new £15 Big Bundle, so we’ll help you to spread the word. 

All-new International Bundles

Come 9 July, the existing £10, £15 and £20 UK & International Bundles will also make way for two brand new international tariffs, with even better value for money:

International Big Bundle 

  • £10 top up
  • 5000 texts
  • 5GB data allowance
  • 500 flexible minutes to 29 European destinations, plus discounted international minutes and texts to other countries

Premium International Big Bundle 

  • £20 top up
  • 5000 texts
  • 15GB data allowance
  • 1000 flexible minutes to 48 European destinations, plus discounted international minutes and texts to other countries
  • 250 additional minutes to Nigeria, Pakistan and South Africa

 Customers on the existing UK & International Bundles will stay on their tariff unless they switch to a new bundle, and any UK & International Bundles activated after 9 July will receive the old UK & International tariff allowances.

What happens now?

  1. On 9 July, we’ll update our website, so you can only order our new sims.
  2. Any existing sims will get new allowances if they’re activated after the launch.
  3. Existing data Big Bundle customers will receive updated allowances from their next bundle. We’ll contact them beforehand to let them know. 
  4. Existing £20 Big Bundle and UK & International Big Bundle customers will stay on the same tariff, but will be encouraged to join one of the new-and-improved tariffs.

We’re sure you’ll agree, the value for your customers is better with our new and updated tariffs. If you have any questions about our new or existing sims, just get in touch with the Star Trader team.

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