Introducing the Platinum Trader Reward Scheme Published: 01/04/2020 | by Star Trader

Introducing the Platinum Trader Reward Scheme

We think it’s about time we rewarded our top-performing Platinum traders with something extra special. That’s why we’re introducing the Platinum Trader Reward Scheme, which gives our top tier traders the chance to earn extra money for their hard work. After the success of our recent Star Trader Awards, you’ll know you’re in for a treat. If you’re a Platinum trader and want to know more about the reward scheme and how you can get your hands on some extra cash, you’re in the right place. 

And remember, if you’re not yet a Platinum trader, now’s the time to climb the trader tiers, so you could have the chance to earn more money for your hard work. 

How much will you get paid?

For every 250 activations, we’ll reward you with an extra £100 on top of your usual £5 an activation commission. How much you earn as your reward is up to you. The prize is cumulative, which means we’ll give you £200 if you earn 500 activations, £300 if you earn 600 activations, and so on.


This is how it would break down if you had 500 activations: 

500 x £5 = £2500

£2500 + £200 (reward) = £2700

When will you get paid?

Depending on how many activations you earn, we’ll send your reward straight to your bank account every month, just like how we pay you for your usual activations.

Just remember, payments are made for activations you earned two months prior. For example, you’ll get paid in March for activations from January.  

The payment you receive will be for your activations two months ago, just like how we pay you for your usual activations.

Are there any T&Cs?

  1. The reward scheme is for Platinum traders only. 
  2. Suspended traders won’t be able to benefit from the reward scheme.
  3. Activations will only be counted for UK & International Bundle and Big Bundle sims.
  4. We’ll be monitoring spam and fraud data, so will only be rewarding traders who have earnt authentic activations. 
  5. There is a maximum prize of £400, which equates to 1000 activations. Traders who earn more than 1000 activations will only be rewarded with the maximum of £400.


That’s everything you need to know about our new Platinum Trader Reward Scheme. All that’s left to do now is trade like you’ve never traded before, so you can earn as much money as possible. Good luck!

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