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Big Bundles

Unlimited texts and minutes as standard, with tariffs starting from just £5 a month. Each Big Bundle is jam-packed with plenty of data, giving your customers more for their money, which makes your job easier as a Star Trader.

Get to know your customers and recommend the O2 Big Bundle for them depending on how they like to use their phone, so you can boost your business or earn money from home. Do they need loads of data to stream their favourite shows or are they more interested in having unlimited minutes and texts, so they can keep up with their friends and family? 

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What do the O2 Big Bundles look like?

There are four different Big Bundles to choose from, giving your customers the flexibility they need from their mobile tariff. They can look at the different options and go for the one that suits them best. You can help them, too. Ask them what sort of things they need from their mobile tariff and advise them on which O2 Big Bundle is best for them. From the £5 Big Bundle, which is for people who aren’t fussed about mobile data, to the £30 Big Bundle, which is built for the data-obsessed. 


Each O2 Big Bundle is completely contract-free, which means your customers are free to leave whenever they want. Although, with the many benefits, like Priority and free O2 Wifi hotspots, they won’t want to. Make sure they know about the brightest bits from O2, so you can make more money at home.





















How can I make money from home using the O2 Big Bundles?


1. Data rollover

If your customers have any data left at the end of the month, we’ll roll it over to the next month. 


2. Keep the same number

Just tell your customers to send us their PAC if they’re moving from another network. Or, if they’re an O2 PAYG customer, they can get in touch with our customer service team. We’ll handle the rest.


3. Choose whatever tariff they want

We like flexibility. That’s why we’ll let your customers decide which tariff is right for them and won’t tie them into a contract, so they can change their minds if they need to.


4. Perks through Priority

Give your customers the chance to experience more of the things they love, with weekly freebies and offers, early-access concert tickets, and competitions.


Now that you’re all clued up, it’s time to trade.

It’s important to understand our sim types, so you can make sure you’re handing them out to the right type of customer. That way, you’ll earn extra money online for your hard work. 


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