Our Pay As You Go sims are changing Published: 29/10/2019 | by Star Trader

Our Pay As You Go sims are changing

On 7 November, we’re updating our Pay As You Go tariffs to make sure your customers continue to get more for their money. After the relaunch, our Big Bundles will be bigger and better than ever, with increased data allowances, unlimited minutes and texts, so your customers never fall short. We’ll also be saying farewell to a couple of our old sim tariffs. It’s not a sad farewell, though. They’re moving aside to make way for more exciting things. 

So, what’s changed?


 Big Bundles

All data Big Bundle tariffs will now come with even more data, as well as unlimited texts and minutes. There’s no longer a limit on how many times your customers can text or call their loved ones. Our £25 data Big Bundle is sadly no more, however your customers can get the same amount of data, not to mention unlimited texts and minutes, for less money with our improved £20 tariff. 

Here’s how our data Big Bundles have changed:

Big Bundles Tariff Changes


UK & International Bundles

For your UK & International Bundle customers, data allowance has also increased. Now, you can offer your customers even more for their money, with data rollover and international rates for excluded countries also included.

Here’s how our UK & International Bundles have changed:


Learn more about UK & International Bundles


Classic Pay As You Go and International Sims

As of November, our Classic Pay As You Go and International sims will no longer be available. But don’t worry, we have something special to replace them…


… Introducing the £5 Big Bundle!

The all-new bundle is for your customers who don’t own a smartphone and don’t need any data. Die-hard fans of our old Classic Pay As You Go tariff will love our £5 Big Bundle. With unlimited texts and minutes, they’ll have the freedom to chat and text, without paying for unnecessary data they’ll never use.

The important bit. Our £5 Big Bundle sims have a minimum top-up amount of £10. This means that if your customers top up their sims with £20, their allowance will last for 4 months, unless out-of-bundle charges are made.


 What happens now?

  1. On 7 November, we’ll update our website, so you can only order our new sims.
  2. Any existing sims will get new allowances if they’re activated after the launch.
  3. Existing data Big Bundle and UK & International Bundle customers will receive updated allowances from their next bundle. We’ll contact them beforehand to let them know. 
  4. Existing Classic Pay As You Go, International Sim or £25 data Big Bundle customers will stay on the same tariff, but will be encouraged to join one of the new-and-improved tariffs.

Now that you know all about how our sims are changing (and why it’s all for the better), you can now start to offer an even better service to your customers. These new tariffs will give your customers all the perks of a phone contract, without being locked down to a 12 or 24 month deal. If you have any questions about any of our new sims, or updated existing tariffs, get in touch with the Star Trader team

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