Myths about mobile phones | Mobile phone myths Published: 22/07/2019 | by Star Trader

Myths about mobile phones | Mobile phone myths

We’re all familiar with the mobile phone myths that sound too good to be true. Unfortunately, they’re just that and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Here, we debunk some of the most popular mobile phone myths once and for all.


Myth 1 – Using rice to repair water damage

Although you may be convinced by the internet that this myth is true, we’re not so sure. Unless you have a water-resistant handset, it’s likely your phone will be unrevivable following water damage and rice is unlikely to save the day. In fact, leaving your phone on the countertop is just as good a method to dry out your phone without the messy aftermath of rice. Who wants a phone covered in dust and starch?


Myth 2 – Overnight charging damages your phone

Smartphones are exactly that. Smart enough to prevent an overload from happening. The clue’s in the name. Once it hits 100%, your phone stops charging.


Myth 3 – Having Bluetooth activated will drain your battery

While this might be true of older phones, newer models are able to prevent Bluetooth from draining your battery. This only happens once you start to transfer files from one phone to another. 


Myth 4 – You should only use the charger that comes with your phone

To some extent, this is partly true. It’s always best to use the charger that comes with your phone, but if you can’t then it all depends on the quality of the replacement. If you buy a cheap knock-off charger from an unknown source, then you should expect problems. However, if you buy one that’s reasonably priced from a quality manufacturer, such as Amazon, then it’s safe to use with your phone. 


Myth 5 – 4G uses more data than 3G

Although 5G and 4G networks are much faster in comparison to 3G, they don’t use more data. Webpages, apps and any other downloads are the same size whichever network you’re on.


Myth 6 – You should never use your phone when it’s charging

Mobile phones are safe to use while they’re charging. There’s no risk of overheating, so you can relax and feel free to browse Instagram or do your online grocery shop.


Myth 7 – Mobile phones emit a dangerous amount of radiation

Mobile phones are required to pass strict safety checks when in production. Meeting these standards guarantees the phone will not give you any cause for concern.


There you go – you’ve identified fact from fiction. Now you know not everything you hear about your phone is the truth. 


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