How to avoid roaming charges when travelling outside the EU Published: 18/07/2019 | by Star Trader

How to avoid roaming charges when travelling outside the EU

Don’t let roaming charges give you a nasty shock while on your travels


When travelling, your phone can often be your best friend. Whatever you need, chances are, it will be able to help. Want to find a quiet beach for some downtime or need directions to your next hotel? Google to the rescue. Missing your family? Give them a quick call. But be mindful. Although absolutely essential, your phone could give you a nasty surprise. Travelling outside the EU means you could be faced with hefty roaming charges for using your data, minutes and text messages. If you’re going off on your adventures and want to avoid international roaming charges, check out our tips before you leave.


Check with your provider

The majority of providers will have a policy for usage outside of the EU. With O2 Travel, roaming charges are included in your contract, which means you can use the internet in 75 destinations for no extra cost. 

Find more information on how O2 Travel works here.


Close your apps

Some mobile apps continue to run in the background if they’re not closed properly – even when they’re not in use. Getting into the habit of closing all your apps down when you’ve finished using them is a great way to stop using extra data unnecessarily. 


Say goodbye to mobile data

Turning off mobile data means you’ll only be able to check Facebook, update Instagram, or reply to WhatsApp messages when you’re connected to wifi. It might seem obvious, but it’s a must when it comes to keeping your phone bill down. Switching to Airplane Mode will help save your battery life too.


Take a break

Avoid getting fixated on your phone and try to enjoy every moment. Not only will this help to keep your bills low, it’ll also stop you from being a prime target for thieves. Keep it stored safely out of sight to reduce any risk.


Download the apps

Before setting off, make sure you have any apps you might need. If you’re going to need some help with the local language, download an app that can help to translate everything quickly – without using any 4G. 


Keep track of your usage

Never lose track of how much data you’re using. Your provider will have a mobile app that you can use to monitor this. Download and you’ll be good to go. Ease back on usage when nearing your limit.


Don’t get homesick

Stop yourself from feeling homesick with our top tips. Using your texts and minutes can add hundreds of pounds to your phone bill, even if you don’t go over your limit. So, it’s important to use them wisely.


The money you save can be used to make memories that will last a lifetime. So, follow our top tips and keep your phone charges to a minimum wherever your travels take you.


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