Five easy ways for students to make money this summer Published: 14/06/2019 | by Star Trader

Five easy ways for students to make money this summer

Cash-strapped student? If you're counting the pennies this summer and struggling to find enough lolly for an ice lolly, we've got some tips that might help.


Student loan day. We’ve all been there. Your loan comes in and the next thing you know, you’ve got a whole new wardrobe on the way (thanks ASOS) and an all-inclusive holiday booked. Hello, overdraft.

If you’ve gone a bit overboard on the spending, don’t worry. There are loads of different ways to make money as a student. Here’s our top five.


Dog-sitting or walking

If you’re a dog lover, this hopefully won’t even feel like work. Start out by walking the dog of a friend or neighbour, and word will soon get around. If you’re really keen, push your details through a few doors – you never know who’ll come knocking. You get to be around dogs, work in your own time, and keep fit — what’s not to love?



Another one where word-of-mouth will do you a world of favours. Babysit for friends and family first, and they may recommend you to parents they know. Pick up work when it’s suitable for you and, if you’re lucky, you might even get a meal thrown in. Winner.


Festival work

Festival tickets are expensive, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Apply to work at your fave events this summer. Not only will you get to experience the whole festival in exchange for a few shifts, but you’ll also get paid too. We can’t think of many jobs with better perks than that.


Make money online

If you’ve got an unusual skill set, use it to your advantage. For example, if you’re studying English or journalism, you may be a dab hand at writing blog articles. Use websites like Fiverr to make some extra cash in exchange for your creativity.


Distribute sim cards

Lectures and assignments are time-consuming, and it can be hard to get a job where the shifts fit around your time in Uni. With Star Trader, you can work as and when you want, wherever you are. Dish sims out to your mates, your fellow students, or even your tutors. You’ll earn £5 every time one of your sims gets activated for the first time. The more you hand out, the more chance you have of making some cash.


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