The best GPS tracker devices Published: 22/03/2019 | by Star Trader

The best GPS tracker devices

Luggage. Kids. Cars. They’re all easy to lose sight of. GPS trackers are on the rise – discover the best ones here.


People use GPS tracking devices for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s for keeping an eye on your little ones walking home from school, or keeping track of those pesky keys that keep going missing, GPS tracking tech is evolving.


Being a Star Trader is not just about phones. GPS tracking devices use sim cards too. Find out what devices your customers use and help them choose the best sim card for their needs.


We’ve delved into the world of tracking tech and compiled a list of the best GPS trackers.


For people

GPS SmartSole

Smartsole is a tracking device that’s hidden in a shoe’s insole. This means it’s discreet and comfortable for the person wearing it, making it a perfect fit for the elderly, and you can rest assured that they’re safe both in and outdoors.

Using clever GPS technology, the Smartsole works anywhere where a smartphone can get signal.


Weenect Kids

Weenect is a small GPS tracking device which can be clipped onto a child’s coat or backpack. With an alert sent out when the battery is low, unlimited GPS tracking, and a free app for easy monitoring, Weenect is a great option for parents – especially if you’re worried about your child walking home from school, or playing outside.


For pets


We’ve all been there. Out walking the dog, when suddenly they disappear – seemingly into thin air. Fear not - we’ve found the answer. Simply clip this handy device to your pet’s collar, and never lose them again. Tractive even has a “virtual fence”, so you’ll get an instant notification if your pet goes beyond a defined safe area.


For possessions


We all know the pat-down before you leave the house – phone, keys, wallet. We’ve all experienced the panic that ensues when one of your precious items isn’t there. Never lose anything ever again with Tile. This conveniently small tracker that can be attached to your keys, luggage, phone, or just about anything you’d like to track. 


For business


Running a business can be stressful, but this Long Life GPS Tracker takes all the worries away of keeping an eye on your work vehicles. There’s a tracking platform that can track either a single vehicle or a whole fleet, and monitors the whereabouts of your vehicle as well as the driver behaviour. Best of all – the battery can last up to six whole years.


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