How consumer tech will evolve in 2019 Published: 21/03/2019 | by Star Trader

How consumer tech will evolve in 2019

From phones to wearables, the world of tech is ever-evolving. Explore 2019’s newest technology here.


It can be difficult to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in the tech industry. With 2019 set to be a big year, will any new kids on the block be able to shake up giants like Apple and Samsung?


Technology trends in 2019 are set to include roll-up televisions, folding smartphones, and the step-up from 4G to 5G.


Mobile tech

Time to upgrade? You might want to hold off until you’ve seen these new releases. Here’s what we’re looking forward to this year:


  • 5G – faster mobile connectivity is coming soon.
  • Foldable phones – we’ve gone from buttons to touch screens, and now a leap to bendable phones.
  • Chinese smartphones  – with high-end specs and affordable budgets, we can’t wait to see how Chinese smartphones compare with the likes of Apple and Samsung



In recent years, wearable tech has increased in popularity. Whether you’re obsessed with tracking your step-count, or love being able to access all your messages from your wrist, there’s bound to be a wearable for you.


  • Apple Watch 5 – there’s not much info available on the latest Apple Watch, but we expect it to be released around September. Watch this space.
  • WT2 in-ear translators – launched earlier this year, these in-ear translators enable two people who speak different languages to communicate in real-time.
  • Fitness trackers – better battery life, GPs tracking and waterproof casing, fitness trackers are constantly evolving. Expect lots of new releases during the year. 


TV tech

TVs are a staple in any living space, and the technology behind them is constantly advancing. This year we can expect to see major changes in TV, from high-end specs to roll-up screens.


  • LG’s roll-up screen – 65-inch, 4K and rolls up like a newspaper. This TV is set to make headlines on its launch this year.
  • MicroLED – the biggest launch in TV technology since OLED. It has the same ability to create a pure black on the screen, without any risk of screen discolouration from burn-in.
  • Supersized TVs – Sony are set to launch a 98-inch television this year – the biggest screen of all time.


With so much to look forward to in the world of tech, make sure you stay in-the-know to keep on top of your trading game. 


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