Top money-saving tips for students Published: 04/03/2019 | by Star Trader

Top money-saving tips for students

Keeping on top of your finances when you’re at uni can be tricky. Our top tips will help keep you carefree and ensure you have enough spare cash for drinks on Student Night. Winner.


Your student days can often be the best days of your life. Freshers, new course, new mates, new city. With this exciting new life comes challenges. Learning how to cook. Not leaving all your coursework until deadline day. Keeping on top of your laundry basket.


Managing money is also a new skill you’ll need to acquire, but we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to save cash as a student.


Supermarket sweep


Being a student doesn’t mean you need to live on beans on toast. You can still enjoy all the food you love, and eat healthily, if you learn how to be supermarket savvy. 


Try to figure out when your local supermarkets discount their items, and look out for the yellow sale labels. Here are the best times to do your food shopping and bag a bargain:


Asda – from 7pm

Co-op – from 5pm

Morrisons – from lunchtime

Sainsburys – from 1.30 pm 

Tesco – early evening


Discounts & vouchers


Make sure the latest discounts and deals are always at your fingertips with Priority. Coffee date? No worries. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you can get a free coffee from Caffé Nero.


With Priority, you can also stay up to date on gigs and events, and even get discounts and early access to tickets.


Sign up for freebies


Lots of places offer freebies when it’s your birthday. From donuts to drinks, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate.


Sign up to mailing lists and download apps to find the best birthday freebies. 


Get a part-time job


One of the best ways to top up your cash as a student is to get a part-time job. Hospitality jobs tend to have hours that can work well around your studies, plus there’s the potential to earn tips.


Lectures at awkward times? No worries. Sign up to Star Trader and you can work when and where you want. Dish out some sims to your mates, and get £5 for each one that gets activated. Drinks are on you.


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