How to avoid being downgraded Published: 09/01/2019 | by Star Trader

How to avoid being downgraded

No matter what tier you’re in, it’s important to keep up your activation rate.


We review our trader tiers every three months, so if your activations have fallen after this time, you may be downgraded. 


Don’t worry though - if you need a helping hand, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips to help you be a top trader.


Seasonal favourites


You may not be aware, but the seasons affect which of our bundles is going to be most popular. In summer, International Sims sell the most, as they allow you to stay in touch with family whilst they’re away. At Christmas, our data Big Bundles are festive favourites, as people are being gifted the latest smartphones. Use this knowledge to your advantage to help your customers find the bundle that suits them best.


It’s all about the perks


Priority is a great perk for your customers. Whether it’s a free drink from Caffe Nero, or early access to gig tickets, your customers will love Priority. Don’t be afraid to be bold about the advantages of being with O2. There’s plenty to shout about. Remember - the more customers you get on board, the higher your activation rate will be. 


Practice, practice, practice


It’s not all about the hard sell. Practise your selling techniques on friends and family, and remember to be friendly yet professional. It may seem a little scary to begin with, but practicing is a surefire way of upping your selling skills.


Listen to your customer


There’s nothing worse than someone trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. Listen to your customers’ needs, and advise them accordingly.


Don’t over order


Your trader tier is entirely dependent on your activation rate. Try not to over order on sims, as this will lower your activation rate. For example, if you’re a gold trader, you have to maintain an activation rate of 25% or over. If you order 20 sims in this tier you only need five activations to maintain your rate. Over ordering could lead to you not being able to keep on top of your activation rate.



Feeling inspired? Get out there and get trading.


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