Part-time jobs for students | Best part-time jobs Published: 31/10/2018 | by Star Trader

Part-time jobs for students | Best part-time jobs

Your uni years are the best years of your life. A part-time job can make them even better, giving you the extra money you need to let your hair down after a long day of lectures. 

Being a student comes with its pros and cons. The pros? Endless nights out and fun with your mates. The cons? The lack of money needed to fuel the endless nights out and fun with your mates. Let’s face it, your student loan covers the basics. A part-time job can give you the extra money you need to enjoy your time at uni, without taking too much time away from your studies. Check out our list of the best part-time jobs for students here.

Bar work

Perfect for: The chatterboxes

Working behind a bar is great way to meet new people. You could even bag yourself some tips. Although previous work experience in a similar environment may help you to get the job, you don’t need any formal qualifications. A smile, an outgoing personality, and the patience to deal with tipsy customers at the end of the night is more than enough. 

Retail work

Perfect for: The shopaholics

Are you a fashion enthusiast? Or are you just interested in the extra staff discount, so you can finally buy that pair of trainers you’ve been eyeing up for months? Either way, a part-time job in retail will be perfect for you. And, if you’re not looking for anything permanent on a part-time basis, you could always keep your eyes peeled for temp jobs throughout the Christmas or summer holidays. 

On-campus roles

Perfect for: The uni-lovers

Job opportunities within the campus walls are varied, ranging from admin, through to catering and cleaning. Hours are also varied, which makes on-campus job roles ideal for students who are looking for something casual. This said, it’s important to bear in mind that there may be a fair bit of competition for these types of jobs. Don’t panic, though. You just need to make sure you pay attention to the notice boards around campus to be the first to hear of any new vacancies. 

Online jobs

Perfect for: The business-savvy

There are some easy ways to make money online. If you’re motivated, then O2 Star Trader can help you to kick-start your own business. You don’t need any experience or qualifications, just the ability to sell. To get started, sign-up for an account. Find out more about O2 Star Trader and how it works here.

Events & hospitality

Ideal for: The party animals

Festivals, gigs, club nights. We all love them. But what would it be like to work at one? If you’re comfortable in social situations and a busy environment, then the answer is ‘great’. And, the best thing is, your ticket will be free. Our advice would be to target the smaller events first, so you can gain valuable experience and up your chances of being accepted at the large-scale events in the future.

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