We've launched NEW data Big Bundles tariffs Published: 02/08/2017 | by Star Trader

We've launched NEW data Big Bundles tariffs

We've launched NEW data Big Bundles making trading sims to your customers easier than ever before.

All order allowances have been refreshed so you can place your orders for the new tariffs. And don't worry, ordering the additional sims wont affect you in October as we won't be running downgrades until January 2018. 

What's changed?

What's new? 

Our data Big Bundles now include more data than ever before PLUS International Bolt Ons which reduces international rates to as little as 1p per minute and 15p per text. 

The international Bolt On is inclusive to all new data Big Bundles of £20 or more and customers with £10 and £15 new Data Big Bundles can opt in for only £2 per month.

More information about all Bolt Ons available here.

As of the 3 August, old Big Bundle tariffs will no longer be available to order but your customers will still be able to activate up until the sim expiry date. 

How do the changes affect existing customers?

Existing customers will have the option to remain on their current tariff OR switch to the new Data Big Bundle offfers- it's completely up tp them. It's quick and simple, all they will need to do is contact O2 customer services and request a tariff switch. 

However, it's important to make them aware that once they make the move, they're unable to reverse back to their old tariff. 

Place your orders today and trade the NEW data Big Bundles to your customers. 

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