O2 Big Bundles: All you need to know in 2020 Published: 14/01/2020 | by Star Trader

O2 Big Bundles: All you need to know in 2020

There’s a reason why our Big Bundles are aptly named. They give customers more bang for their buck, including unlimited minutes and texts, with a whole load of data thrown in for good measure. No biggie. And, after a recent revamp in November 2019, O2 Big Bundles are better than ever before. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Take a read for yourself.

Everything you need to know is right here. And it’ll help if you’re a Star Trader, too. After all, selling O2 Big Bundles is all part of the game.

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What exactly are O2 Big Bundles

They’re tariffs for our Pay As You Go customers. Starting at £5 a month, we have different O2 Big Bundles up for grabs, which give a whole load of data for a not-so-big price. We know that times have changed since the traditional Pay As You Go sims were ‘all the rage’, which is why our O2 Big Bundles include everything any type of customer would need, without the commitment of a phone contract.

What are the benefits of O2 Big Data Bundles? 

  • There’s more 4G data than ever before, starting from 3GB for the steady streamers, to 20GB for the social media-obsessed. 

  • Unlimited minutes and texts come as standard. That’s just how we do things at O2. 

  • Each tariff has data rollover, which means any unused data will be added to the next month’s allowance.

  • They’re completely contract-free. No more 12-month or 24-month (or longer, ugh) contracts. Customers can cancel whenever they want. 

  • There’s even something for the people who aren’t fussed about mobile data. The £5 Big Bundle has unlimited minutes and texts, without any data.

What are the different types of O2 Big Bundles?

Everyone is different. We know that, which is why we’ve made sure our Big Bundles cater to everyone. No exception. Starting at £5, our Big Bundle tariffs have something for every type of customer. Here’s a breakdown of what each bundle includes. 


Now that I know more about the Big Bundles, how do I become a Star Trader?

Becoming a Star Trader is simple. All you need to do is sign up for free, order your first sims and get going. You’ll earn £5 every time one of your customers tops up their sim, so it’s important to make sure you get activations. One great way to do so is by selling O2 Big Bundles; there’s something for every type of customer, not to mention loads of benefits. 

Once you’ve registered as a trader, you’ll be able to browse through our sim types and place your order. Then, as you begin to trade, you can take a look at our trader dashboard to see which type of sim is bringing you the most results.

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