How it works

Earn money with O2

How does it work

Want to know how to earn money with Star Trader? It's really easy.

Step 1

Sign up online

Follow the link below to set up your account and become a Star Trader

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Step 2

Order free sims

Once you have signed up you can get ordering your first sims

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Step 3

Hand them out

We'll send you your sims in the post, then you can start handing them out

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Step 4

Get Paid

Every time someone tops up a sim you've handed out, you'll get paid

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Types of sim cards we offer

Choose a Pay As You Go sim. Big Bundles, Simply Pay As You Go, or International sim.
Also we now have Mobile Broadband sims available to order on Star Trader.

Pay As You Go sim cards

Available to mix and match.

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Mobile Broadband

New to Star Trader.

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